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Guidelines in Surrogacy and Egg Donation

Advancements in technology in the medical sector have made it possible for women to donate eggs and others to become surrogates mothers for women not willing to undergo pregnancy and the childbirth process. Below are some important guidelines you need to know on the process of surrogacy and egg donation. Simply read more now.

Many egg donation centers have been set up all around the world making it possible for infertile women to buy female eggs and get a child for themselves. It is important that you keep in mind the physical or phenotypic qualities and the genetic or genotypic qualities you want your child to have. It is therefore important that you be very keen on the selection process and focus on the details in donor files at the donation clinics before making your selection. This will ensure that the child you get has all the physical and genetic characteristics that you want.

The second most important thing to consider is the health background of the egg donor. This is very fundamental as it gives insight to any genetic defects that have been passed down from previous generations to your donor of choice. Albinism, sickle cell anemia, cancer, brain defects, inherited diabetes are some of the diseases you can avoid by having a genetic test done and attached to a donor file before purchasing their egg. Confidentiality is key, and the egg clinic maintains it. They ensure client and donor information is kept confidential unless the two request for a meeting.

Surrogacy is quite complicated and a very delicate process when compared to egg donation. It involves a different female individual accepting to undergo pregnancy, childbirth and total motherly care for an infant before he is handed over to his egg donor mother. The mother-child biological connection is maintained only that the child is carried in the womb of a different woman. The woman chosen should be carefully chosen as the surrogate pregnancy process is usually very emotional for both parties. Careful choice of the surrogate mother is because the process extends months after birth as the child needs the motherly care of the surrogate mother. With this in consideration, you need to put proper and careful consideration in surrogate mother selection.

It is very crucial to ensure that the terms and conditions under which you agree on for surrogacy and egg donation are well understood between the two parties to avoid misunderstandings which may lead to lawsuits. Keep to the above guidelines, and you will have a smooth surrogacy and egg donation process.Head over to Egg Donor & Surrogacy Institute to know more.

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